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We identify your brand’s

viral DNA & uniquely

visualize it to get TV media

and online engagement.

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“You can’t sell to a person who isn’t listening.”

– William Bernbach, The Original Mad Man

Devil Baby

Our engaging content, inspired by your brand, creates excitement and product awareness. People share the video and amplify the buzz.

We give the media branded content
they love.

Jelly Media’s proven methods come from years of developing the art and science of “going viral.” Our strategy is simple — leverage the media and audience appreciation for cool content so they promote your brand for you.

Sausage Party

Client: Sony Pictures / Sausage Party

Hum Rider

Client: Verizon / HUM

Karate Prank NYC

Client: YouTube Original / Cobra Kai

Bubba’s Hover

Client: Oakley / Oakley Golf

Spider-Man Grabs Coffee

Client: Sony Pictures / Spider-Man Homecoming

New Public Safety Robot

We build cool machines to generate media coverage for brands, TV shows, and movie studios. We’re also now building our first machine to help save lives. We look forward to announcing what these robots will do, and how they’ll protect you and your kids.


A small taste of media coverage from past work.

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